for the Supply Chain

In a world that is changing at an increased pace, companies struggle to make their supply chains more agile. Supply chains involve numerous, complex processes that all need to be synchronized like clockwork to ensure that customers get their products in time. A global competition forces companies to be highly reliable without the luxury of having large storage or other backup mechanisms.

When it comes to intelligence, most companies focus inside and optimize processes that live within the scope of their data centers. The inside look, however, falls short to proactively act in a changing world. Only recently have we witnessed how the global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted logistics as well as customer demand. Overall, we increasingly live in a world that requires companies to take a constant look out into the world to understand what is happening today.

OWN Agents provide supply chain managers with day-to-day intelligence that puts them ahead of the competition.

Finding SuppliersThe OWN Agent takes an approach that simulates the activities of a human supply chain manager in identifying companies. This means that the agent does not rely on a pre-defined, potentially incomplete and outdated list of companies. Instead, once started, the software agent follows an automatic, continuous process that simulates a human searching data sources. The agent will run this process at a pace and in a broad data range that are impossible for humans to achieve and cover.
Monitoring SuppliersAt the core is a filtering system that allows the OWN Agent to identify events impacting suppliers that are relevant for supply chain managers. With the provision of a set of suppliers, the Agent are designed to scan news in local languages regarding the organization, but also important events in its vicinity. The Agent will additionally scan weather information and also continuously monitor supplier websites.
Demand SensingThe OWN Agent scans the internet globally for information that has the potential to change consumer behavior and constantly. The agent evaluates the impact of any information and issues daily reports that provide an overview of the current information.
Examples of OWN Agents for Supply Chain Intelligence